Swiss Water (TM) Decafs

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To ensure freshness and flavor we sell our coffee as whole beans but we will be glad to grind the coffee for you at the setting that you need (Coarse, Percolator, Fine, Espresso). Tell us in the special instruction box. "

Vesuvio Colombia Supremo - SW Decaf
Sunny, bright New Crop coffee, with the cocoa finish for which Colombians are famous. Compare it to the competition: our beans are a full #18 screen. And These coffee beans are just as big in taste. We have it on good authority, this is Juan Valdez' favorite quaff.

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”Dear Vesuvio Coffee. For me, this epitomized Columbian coffee. You can’t get this in a supermarket. It is smooth and rich which surprised me because it is a decaf. Excellent. You have another loyal customer. Anne, Greensboro, NC”.

Thanks Anne,
Welcome to the Vesuvio family. We really appreciate hearing from you, and guess what. We love this coffee, too. It boasts a fragrant aroma and mellow body. We are happy to be able to offer it.

Brazil Santos Bourbon - SW Decaf
The Santos region produces sweet, mellow coffees that are anything but prosaic. Dry, rich aromatics, medium bodied, soft taste hints of dry walnut. Medium dark roast.
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Indonesia Sumatra - SW Decaf
The "Gran Cru" coffee of Indonesia. Its deep luscious, lightly earthy olfactory notes and complex deep cello-like flavor notes that hint of tobacco and dried berries, then open to musk and nutmeg. The body of this decaffeinated beauty says it all to the lovers of coffee. This is something very special indeed! Fancy Mark. Rich dark roast and no caffeine.
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Kenya AA - SW Decaf
The "Gran Cru" coffee of Kenya. Acidity is the keynote of East Africa's most highly regarded coffee. Here it is captivating without knocking you over. Brew a pair of mugsful and enjoy with someone special over a personal screening of "Out of Africa".
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Vesuvio Carioca® - Espresso do Brazil - SW Decaf
Espresso culture has been a hit in Brazil since the days of "Flying Down to Rio" in the early Thirties. Here is a smooth, hearthy pure Brazilian (down there native Brazilians are called "Cariocas") treat. try it black and sweet, flavored with blonde sugar.

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Vesuvio Deluxe Dark - SW Decaf
Our deluxe Colombian beans with all the sunniness and brightness that comes with them. Roasted darker to present you a full bodied and flavorful cup of coffee that just happen to be caffeine free.
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Vesuvio Espresso Pods - SW Decaf
The advantage of our coffee pods is simplicity. They are pre-ground, pre-tamped and pre-measured to a full 7g. each for consistent cups of espresso. When they are spent, just toss it away with no messy grounds to clean up. The quality is guaranteed since they are packed with the finest espresso blend for a rich and creamy espresso. They work great in our line of espresso makers.

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Vesuvio Neapolitan Espresso - SW Decaf
The Espresso was born in Naples, Italy. It is a significant part of the Neapolitans social life. This Espresso blend has the heritage of the Old Country at its heart - Rich, flavorful, smooth, earthy, friendly.

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Vesuvio Lite - All the Flavor,  Half the Caffeine!
The name says it all. A bright cup of coffee with smooth, rich aroma. Try it for those special “relaxing times”.
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Our coffee is Decaffeinated by the SWISS WATER ® process. It is 100% chemical free, and maintains the distinct characteristics of the coffee. SWISS WATER ® is your assurance of healthy coffee, and a great taste.

Our 1 lb. Bags have a zip lock to help keep the beans fresher.

We care about our planet so we use recycled materials.