Vesuvio Teas

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Black Teas

Black teas are produced by allowing the moisture to evaporate from the leaves then they are rolled to allow oxidation. To stop the oxidation at the right time, the leaves are then fired in ovens.

1st Flush. Missian Hill Estate - FTGFOP-1. The true and Literal drink of the Empire Builders. Delicately Exquisite. Often called the "Champagne of Tea". Do not over-steep as Darjeeling is quite sensitive..

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The Burgundy of China Teas. Deep, Wide, Flavorful. Best known as "English Breakfast". Superb aromatics.

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Herbal Teas

Great infusions that are blended for the pleasure of your discriminating taste buds.

Peppermint Leaf
Peppermint Leaf is naturally caffeine-free and it is as refreshing as it is healthy! Mint is a relaxer and stress reliever. Hot or iced, Peppermint Leaf is very satisfying and flavorful!

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Worl Peace
Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Marigold, Orange and Vanilla Flavor. All skillfully blended for a great, refreshing and healthy drink. It is great hot or cold and with a touch of honey.

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Green Teas

Green teas are produced without oxidation. After the moisture has evaporated from the leaves the teas are fired in a wok to prevent oxidation.

Green Tea Jasmine
Special grade China tea.

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Green Tea Pan Fired
Cut flat leaf green tea of Chinese origin.

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Red Teas

Only the rooibos leaves and twigs are used. Rooibos leaves are harvested in summer, cut or chopped and are left to ferment. During the fermentation of the rooibos leaves, some chemicals are oxidized by enzymes resulting in the typical red colour and flavour of rooibos.

Rooibos Cinnamon
Great tasting infusion with great health benefits for you. Flavored with real Cinnamon chips and it is caffeine free.

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Black Teas Decaf

Great taste and no caffeine!

Decaffeinated Ceylon
Decaffeinated, Orange Pekoe Grade.

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Decaffeinated Darjeeling
Decaffeinated, India Tea.

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