Organic Premium Single Origin

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To ensure freshness and flavor we sell our coffee as whole beans but we will be glad to grind the coffee for you at the setting that you need (Coarse, Percolator, Fine, Espresso). Tell us in the special instruction box."

Colombia, "Mesa De Los Santos"
Mesa de los Santos means table of the saints in Spanish. It was named by a 19th century priest, who proclaimed its taste worthy of being served to the blessed. Cafe Organico Mesa de los Santos is certified by BIOLatina, an international organization dedicated to organic certification of coffee. This is an authentic gourmet coffee, which, thanks to its flavor and delicious taste, has turned into one of the most appetizing coffees in the North American market. Experts agree that the quality and flavor of "Mesa de los Santos" is superior.

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Guatemala - French Roast
From the Mayan co-operative of Asobagri. They grow coffee on small farms and mill it in their homes making this one of the most unique organically grown coffee. This Guatemalan is high-toned, sweet, light-footed and delicate and yet rich and deep. The aroma has notes of lemon and red wine, cherry and a shimmer of flawers. Long, complex finish. This extraordinary coffee should seduce just about everyone, even those who prefer a lower key or darker roasted cup.

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Indonesia - Sumatra
This hand selected and picked qualifies as "Gran Cru" coffee. It has deep luscious, lightly earthy olfactory notes and complex cello-like flavor notes that hint of tobacco and dried berries, then open to musk and nutmeg. The body of this beauty's flavors says it all to the lovers of coffee. A fortifying eye opener on a cold rainy day. An old soothing companion by the fire's glowing embers. This is something very special indeed. Fancy Mark. Rich dark roast.

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It brings back fond memories of my years in Italy. Also, knowing the company investigates their suppliers to ensure workers are not exploited puts my mind at ease.
Mary Alice Bighinatti Clarksville TN

Mexico, "Hacienda Miravalles"
Mexico is the home of Hacienda Miravalles located in the highlands of the Sierra Madre mountain range in Western Mexico. Here the coffee grows on the steep mountain slopes at elevations of 4000 feet in habitat that is perfect for birds, insects, and wildlife. The coffee has amedium body, bright and delightful acidity, and a mild, nutty flavor with a crisp, clean finish. This estate coffee is Arabica Typica and Bourbon variety, which also enhances the coffee quality. Because of the hot climate, the coffee matures quickly, giving it some different characteristics than a typically high grown; Add this to your list for a special treat!

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These coffees are organically grown and OCIA, QAI and/or Rainforest Alliance (ECO-OK) certified. They are also shade grown and Bird friendly. Most of Vesuvio coffees are FairTrade certified.

Our 1 lb. Bags have a zip lock to help keep the beans fresher.                          We care about our planet so we use recycled materials.